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Each week, Ralph Messer aims to: 

 • Motivate people to reach their potential so that they will find themselves and their businesses operating at new, extraordinary levels 
 • Actively reach out to people in order to teach, encourage, and strengthen them to be leaders and to have moral character and attributes 
 • Train people to be integral and successful in business 
 • Promote and encourage healthy family life
 • Foster community and economic growth 

He believes that in improving the lives of others, they will, in turn, improve the world. If you are someone who desires to improve their life and improve the lives of others, the Ralph R. Messer (RRM) Subscription is perfect for you.  Ralph Messer shares useful, relevant messages that give practical instruction that you can apply to your life on a daily basis. Each teaching addresses critical issues affecting the social development of individuals, families, and communities.


Online Streaming ($50/month)
Two new teachings uploaded once a week!

Access to over three months of previous teachings!

prime time

RRM Prime Time ($30/month)
24/7 Stations & 48 Hour Rebroadcast Access